The Coronavirus Education Manifesto

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Ya, we’re locked up. But this isn’t a spring break, and principals, teachers, superintendents, kids, and parents need to stay the course. Here’s a list of ideas:

  1. Principals, if you have a routine such as an open address to the school, broadcast, or assembly, keep doing it. Use Facebook Live or YouTube or build a podcast, or use Zoom. But don’t stop doing what you do. The kids need you now more than ever!
  2. Teachers, be sure to host live class sessions, at least as often as you did on a regular day. Zoom is now free for K-12 educators, so let’s not waste it! Kids don’t have the Internet? Hmmmm…they have phones, most of them, and those that don’t, there are free and/or low-cost Internet options now available from many providers.
  3. Kids, stay on course. Keep your focus. No pajamas, no sleeping in, no late nights. The schedule should remain mostly the same!
  4. Exercise? Come on parents. Make this happen. You walk your dog, so now walk your kids. Literally, take your kids for a walk, make them run, challenge them!
  5. Put the video games down. I don’t care how stir crazy they become. This is an opportunity, not a curse. Let them find and explore new ways to busy themselves. Watch a TED Talk daily, visit the Khan Academy, watch past sporting events, practice their sports at home, draw, write, read, mold, build, tinker, and let the imagination wonder.
  6. Structure, schedule, and accountability have never been more important for our children. Keep an eye on your kids and make sure they are not meeting a delivery person on the side of the house or getting into mischief.
  7. Play with your kids. Be creative. Pictionary, puzzles, board games, movies, and snuggling are HUGE right now.
  8. Do not cave, do not give in, do not allow kids to manipulate you because of the situation. My son asked me if he could play Fortnite now. I said, “why is now different?” He had no explanation. He’s 9. But he’s smart and figured because the circumstances have changed, it’s ok to try again. No buddy, no.
  9. Push your schools to do more. Help them. Guide them. Provide support and make sure they are getting things moving RIGHT NOW. Remind them of their responsibilities, even during this crisis.
  10. Read to your kids. Have them read to you. Do a podcast.

Kids must stick to a regimen. If you want them to learn, build coping skills, and stay normal, keep them going. Schedule and structure have never mattered more!


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