The Events That Occur Today Will Be Readily Available in 40 Years

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I was Googling a Cars concert I attended back in the 80s to see who the opening act was. My sister was certain it was America. I knew that couldn’t be true. I searched and searched and finally found the answer. In 40 years, this simply won’t happen. Everything we do will be documented online. Every fact, every event, every person, every thing will be at your fingertips or voice or maybe, just maybe, we’ll just think it and the answer (data) will just appear in our minds.

Think about it. What happened 40 years ago is not always accessible in Wikipedia or in a Google search. But what will be the case in 40 years from now? Data and information is being catalogued like never before and companies like Google are building faster and stronger algorithms to help us store it, find it and use it.

I look forward to the day when holographic images will appear before us or answers will fill our minds simply by thinking the question. Or even more interesting, we can upload data into our minds. Can it be done? Who knows, but it sure seems possible. Either way, every day that passes, more and more data is being added to hard disks everywhere or whatever the media will be as we progress, the point is, everything we know collectively will soon be available to everyone. The challenge however is how much can we absorb and if we can simply ask Google or Alexa, why should we absorb any?

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