The Perfect Blog Post Will Not Enhance Your Sex-life, But It May…

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While the title “The Perfect Blog Post Will Not Enhance Your Sex-life, But It May…” may not make sense at this point, keep reading. You’ll get it soon…

I can prove that content works. Over the past year in helping build, our focus has been on content for our students (video courses), responding to questions in our Answers Forum and creating great content on our Blog (here). A perfect blog post can bring many things including improving SEO, loyalty, subscribers and fans. But what makes the perfect blog post?

To begin, write from the heart. A perfect blog post that has content merely for the purpose of driving traffic is a waste of time. The goal for any perfect blog post is to create engagement. You want your readers to comment but even more importantly, you want them to share your content because it touched them, mattered or helped them solve a problem. You want to inspire, inform and share your thoughts on a topic of mutual interest.

Once you find a topic that matters to you and your audience, one that you truly care about, start writing the perfect blog post and don’t stop. Let your creative juices flow and worry about grammar and spelling later, unless you are typing on an IBM Selectric typewriter of course.

At this point, don’t worry about how long or short the post is. Ideally, you want 300-500 words. It’s a post, not a novel. It’s also not a poem or a haiku, so if you can’t get 300 words out of it, typically, not always, don’t bother.

There are a few tricks to getting your content found by search engines. While you must focus on the message or argument, be mindful of the terms you know are popular for your readers. These are the terms that they will use to find you and you are doing them a disservice if you do not make the post searchable and more importantly, findable. What I really mean is words like “disservice” or “findable” may be the key terms that people will search, so go ahead, repeat them a few times. I don’t want you to use “disservice” or “findable” too many times, but “disservice” is a great word and so is “findable.” Get it?

Next, use a SEO tool such as Yoast. It will help you identify if you are missing any of the key elements that our friends at Google look for to help make your post “findable.” It would be a “disservice” not to.

Be sure to find a great feature image and embed a few images or videos in your content also. Here’s a great findable video I really like:


Now, the most important part…are you ready?

Share your content wisely. Here’s a quick guide:

  1.  Videos always go on a CDN like YouTube and then link to them as I did above. This way your video can be found on YouTube directly and shared in your blog post(s) and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other networks directly. You can share the video and the blog post directly into each network and get double the effect. Be sure not to overdo this. Spread out your shares.
  2. Reshare your content. People don’t remember seeing it usually and 30 days later another share of the same content might even get you more attention. We flip around so fast on social media that we miss more than we read. Often, we don’t read beyond the title…wait, this makes me think of another bullet point…
  3. Make your title stand out and don’t let people read it and not the post. Make a title that will drive your reader to dig in. I may change the title of this blog post to “How to enhance your sex life with a perfect blog post.” 
  4. When you share, don’t just dump the post and run. ENGAGE. When people retweet or like or comment, get into the conversation. If you don’t stay on your social media sites all day, do so for 30 minutes after you share a new blog post.
  5. Use tools like HootSuite or Sprout Social to share and use ChartBeat to instantly monitor the traffic so you know if you did it right.
  6. Email your post to your subscribers. Don’t have any? Keep writing and be sure to add a “Subscribe to my awesome blog” in a conspicuous spot on the site.

The perfect blog post will never be perfect but it still can be fabulous. Use the tools I’ve shared above and use your gut to figure out the rest. You can create and post a perfect blog post that is “findable” in about 20 minutes. I just did.

Also, be sure to make it easy for people to contact you. You can find me here or click the logo below.




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