TrueTwit the Twitter Killer

Bob Babcock Practice Development Leave a Comment

As an avid Twitterer, I often see the message, “@whoever is using TrueTwit verification.” Why? Why do you care who follows you? I’ve never understood why anyone would restrict anyone from doing so. While Twitter is littered with spammy accounts selling all sorts of ideas and items and services and other junk, why bother restricting yourself from being followed. You can always block someone that is engaging inappropriately and you can choose to unfollow those that fill your feed with garbage.

Everyday I get a favorite or retweet from some account that I’m sure has selfish intentions. Great, go for it. Share my stuff. I’m on Twitter for two reasons: 1) to meet and socialize; and 2) to market. Limiting my followers by forcing them to validate doesn’t help in either.

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