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W.A.I.T. is our comprehensive, ongoing, consulting service providing hands-on services, working side by side with your team. Together, we will solve problems and implement solutions for workflow by integrating your applications and data. We will automate whenever and wherever possible. We will define your technology stack, and help you deploy great technology that works.

W.A.I.T. was created to help companies grow a successful business. We focus on workflow, automation, integration, and of course technology. We use our resources and experience to help you tackle problems and build efficient systems. To get started, click here.

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Some of our W.A.I.T. Services

Each service is individually chosen by our clients as we progress. We do not offer these services as a package. Every client is unique and we work with each accordingly.

Prospect Management

Where's that phone number? Did you lose the business card? Was it on a post it note? A napkin...these days are over. Fluid, simple, sophisticated management of your leads to close them faster and get more sleep.

Business Processes

We'll help you get your arms around what works, what doesn't, and what you're missing. Your company is your passion, your life, and we're going to help you make it great.

Projects and Tasks

If you are successful, you're busy and busy means you have projects and tasks. The process and systems used to manage projects and tasks matters and we're great at this.

Client Workflow

We help our clients manage clients, communications, systems, processes and marketing. We use great tools and automation to achieve our goals.

Zapier Automation

Connect cloud apps and copy data and automate just about anything. We're Zapier Level II certified and we know Zapier better than most. We use Zapier with all of our clients and services.

Insightly CRM

We're an Insightly Hero. This means we know Insightly, well. If you need to manage prospects, leads, clients and projects, we have amazing skill at customizing Insightly to work the way you do!

Drift Knowledge Base

Engage your audience faster and keep up with the times. The world has changed and you need to keep pace. People want access to you now both for sales and support. Give it to them.

PandaDoc Electronic Docs

Our electronic engagement letters, proposals and contracts system will improve your productivity fast and get you back to the books, or forms, or whatever you need to be doing to earn more and process less.

Electronic Forms

Gather information instantly, without mailing expense and avoid double entry. Your clients can add and update their information into your systems directly on your website or their client portal.


The only software that matters is the software you actually use. If software isn't delivering the results you expected, something has to be done. Software can make or break a company and we can help you identify and fix the problems with your software.


The best tools, hardware and software must work together. First, we help you identify what works and what doesn't. Next, we help integrate and automate wherever possible. Finally, we build a seamless, integrated system that your team loves and more importantly...uses.


Need to connect your mobile to your CRM? How about keep track of your sales numbers? Need to connect your accounting software to your ecommerce system? There's an app for that and we can help you find it, customize it or build it.


Easy, fun and effective, podcasts take a few minutes per day and can help get your brand in front of millions faster than any other type of content. We automate podcasts to appear on your website and in social media.


Ready to take on the world live and answer questions, teach a skill, make a point, or host an event. We automate webinars to appear on your website and in social media.


Editing, creating, and managing video is a ton of work but we make it easier and we automate many of the day to day items required to manage a great video campaign.

Bots and AI

Provide extreme customer service with immediate responses to questions and self service appointment scheduling. Use bots to deliver the "right now" response that your audience wants and deserves.

Drift Online Scheduling

We used to take calls, write down notes, transfer the notes to a calendar, scribble it out, erase,'s exhausting to think about. Now, your staff and/or clients just click and schedule. After, the real automation magic begins.

Drift Conversational Marketing

Engage your audience faster and keep up with the times. The world has changed and you need to keep pace. People want access to you now both for sales and support. Give it to them.

Windows and Macs

Doesn't matter which you prefer, we'll get them humming for you. We'll help you get more life out of each technology purchase and increase performance and reliability.


iPhones, Androids, tablets and more...if you run a company today, you most likely have these tools either in production or they are a nuisance. Either way, we can help make them work.

Remote Servers

Whether you wish to manage your own or build a farm in the Amazon (AWS) cloud, we can help you with RDS, Citrix, VMWare and more. Start connecting from anywhere!


Whether in the cloud or on a network attached storage device, we're experts in both. We love small, fast, reasonably priced equipment that gets the job done and we know what to choose and how to make it work.

Backup and Malware

Viruses can ruin your month and lost data can ruin the quarter and malware can ruin everything...we can help stop it and recover your information fast if it's already there.


WiFi, ethernet, cellular and more...we can help you get and stay connected. VPN into your office securely, with as few clicks as possible. We have vast experience in building networks.