Why Accounting Pros Need a Really Strong Brand

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I’m sitting a restaurant right now having a quick lunch and staring at a truck that’s says “Young’s Market Company” which I see all over the place and clearly they do well. The brand is awful but the red trucks with yellow logo and the Jack Daniels ads on the side are memorable. But how did this company achieve so much with such a terrible brand name? The short answer is they got in at the right time and owned the market.

Accounting professionals have a different challenge altogether. It’s an insanely saturated industry and most offer the same services. The need to differentiate is far greater. Hence, establishing a strong, memorable brand can make all the difference. Seth David’s Nerd Enterprises is a great example of a success story built around a strong brand in a saturated industry. When a strong brand is combined with fabulous work product, relentless customer delight, constant content production and owning YouTube, companies grow. But why are so many others not doing the same? They should be.

I work with accounting pros daily. They generally want more and better clients. They usually need to increase revenue. The one thing in common with many of the people and companies I work with is their lack of presence, limited differentiation and most just aren’t memorable.

Often, I meet a new client with a non dot com URL or a “-” in their domain or an impossible spelling. You can do better and you must. Use the GoDaddy domain search tool and find the right domain for your brand.

Many business owners consider the accounting industry a commodity. They choose a bookkeeper that appears to have the appropriate skill set. Anyone from the ProAdvisor site with the right certifications is good enough for them. As a result, you have to work harder to stand out. Your brand is not only remembered by a potential clients, but also by others in the business community. The stronger the brand, the more likely someone will remember your company name and only then will they be able to refer you. Avoid someone saying, “I know a company (or person) that can help you…oh, what the heck is their name again?” MAKE THEM REMEMBER–CREATE A STRONG BRAND!

Finally, equally important is pride and passion. When you have a brand you love, one that tells your story, you shine and when you shine, everyone wants to work with you. Happy, passionate people are more fun to be around. Create a strong brand and be proud to tell the world about it. I always prefer working with successful, happy companies. Don’t you?

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