Why is Spam Illegal?

Bob Babcock Clever Marketing Leave a Comment

We all get a full mailbox of post cards, leaflets and catalogs. Our USPS delivers these without hesitation. But if we send an email to someone who doesn’t necessarily want it, we’re breaking the law.

I would much rather clean out my spam/junk folder than filter through my paper mail to find the one important letter I actually wanted. I can’t pay for a service to block the paper mail I don’t want but I can pay for a spam blocker. Paper mail that I don’t want becomes landfill, spam just disappears.

Sometimes we actually want the coupon or discount we get in the mail, but usually it’s not applicable to our lives. Spam is more commonly targeted and provides discounts and offers that we might actually benefit from.

Do you get angry when you open your mailbox? You know, like you do when a single spam hits your inbox.

I’ve never been a spam hater. I don’t like the purposely misspelled Viagra spam, but a discount offer from Amazon.com is welcome anytime.

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