Your Body is a Billboard

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Just back from Xerocon and wow was it an amazing experience! Before leaving, I packed my swag from partners to hand out at the event. Mostly t-shirts, including a few of our own. When I arrived in Denver, I went straight to the exhibit floor, well, after check-in and an amazing breakfast at a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives spot called Sam’s #3. After an amazing huevos rancheros, I got to the event, adorned in my 2013 Xerocon tee, I picked up my 2015 version and headed up the escalator. I knew I was there when I saw the flood of logos, t-shirts, worn by the teams of the respective exhibitors. I was particularly stoked when I saw our friends at Expensify sporting the special edition, Andy Warhol like t-shirt their brilliant marketing team made just for Their designer cleverly leveraged Seth David’s personal profile pic with his dog Ralphy and wove it into the Expensify logo. Genius! Not ironically, I had a few of these in my backpack and of course, they went quick!

In IGNITE, we discuss walking into Starbucks or the grocery store wearing your favorite sports team or a fun t-shirt that will likely strike up conversation. I urge my clients to remember that their body is a billboard and it’s an easy way to make someone’s acquaintance. If I walked into a Michigan Starbucks wearing one of my many Ohio State Buckeyes shirts, I assure you I will make a new friend or at least a frenemy.

One of my recent clients is heading to a Drake Tax event. She said there will be prospects there and she wants to get some attention. When she told me she planned to wear a blouse and slacks, I immediately stopped her and reminded her of the concept of “your body is a billboard.” She’s on it! I can’t wait to see what she came up with.

When my cab arrived at Denver airport for my departure, I noticed a man unloading his car and immediately approached him and asked if I could take his photo. Here’s what he was wearing. Turns out he’s an electrical engineer or what is today known as “computer engineer.” We’re now friends.

You don’t need to go overboard when you take advantage of this concept. You can simply use your company name or logo. But, why would you? You only have one chance to make an initial impression, I’ve heard that somewhere before, right? Why not make it count? The ladies in our SOB team conjured up their ideal show shirt (see feature image above). It’s racy dammit, but so far, everyone that has seen it, laughed out loud, literally. Hard to forget your best laughs don’t you know?

So, what will your next t-shirt design look like? Will you wear it with pride? Did you remember to make temporary tattoos? Now, what are a few survival items needed at a conference?

Here are a few hints of what most people need and want when traveling:

  • Charging devices for mobile phones
  • Water, both bottled for your room and containers for the trip
  • Uber or other travel discounts (imagine if someone gave you a “free UBER ride” coupon)
  • Starbucks or other popular meal discounts (one of my IGNITE clients sent me a Starbucks card with his logo on it)
  • Pajamas or boxer shorts to sleep in! (hint TSHEETS)
  • A travel toothbrush
  • Travel snacks
  • And anything else that can fit in your carry on or in an overhead bin

Let’s start marketing ourselves, everywhere, and remember that your body is a billboard. Wear your brand proudly!

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