Your Brand Remembered

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At the beach this weekend, I met a couple from Germany. I knew they were foreign by their new Dodgers’ attire and clothing. They seemed to know the place however so when I introduced myself and learned they were German, I was not surprised that they had attended UCSB years ago. They were back to visit and naturally, he was an accountant.

We chatted a bit, joked around and while I didn’t have access to business cards and trying to write his contact info in my phone at that time would have been challenging, so I just told him to remember the average temperature of Santa Barbara — 74 Degrees also the name of my company.

We left the beach and honestly never thought I’d hear from them again. This morning I got a LinkedIn request from Bjoern. He found me online by searching “74 degrees” and he remembered it because it made sense to him at the time.

I tell people the importance of a brand and the use of that brand in an email address. Every chance you get to use your brand can lead to your next customer. While Bjoern and I will not likely engage in business, one just never knows. Worst case, I’ve made a new friend in land far, far away. If you want your brand remembered, make it meaningful, make it simple, but whatever you do, make it.

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